This website is hosted with Cloudflare Pages.

Featuring HTTP2 Push for an even faster initial page load and whichever styling and JavaScript features catch my eye.

CSS grid is being used mostly as a learning exercise.

Paletton was used for creating the main page's color scheme. The background is actually random text generated in JavaScript, rendered with a special tiling font from mazeletter.xyz. I am using gruvbox-dark for code highlighting.

zola is used for content management / site generation.

The Python tutorial features full unittests on all code samples. No more tutorials with code samples that don't do what they say on the box! In theory, anyway... The Python tutorial code snippets github can be found here.

Feel free to look at this site's github page for more information. If you encounter any issues on an up-to-date browser or have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at raymi306@gmail.com.