Additional Resources

Al Sweigart's Automate the Boring Stuff

A famous resource for beginner Python programmers, this book presents its tutorial with the clear end goal of being able to automate real, often tedious, tasks. It is available free to read online and there are a variety of ways to purchase the book to support the author. The book touches on tasks such as organizing files, web scraping, working with spreadsheets, scheduling tasks to occur at certain times, sending emails, manipulating images, and controlling the mouse and keyboard. The author has several other books that may pique your interest and are definitely worth checking out! His works cover a variety of topics such as making games, cracking codes, and project ideas.

Official Python Resources

There is an official tutorial and a list of resources on the Python wiki. Also, don't forget the official documentation!

Online Code Challenges: Codewars

A variety of code challenge websites and online judges exist, one of which is Codewars. Reading about coding is fine, but you HAVE to write code too. These websites provide challenges that can be as simple as adding two numbers or as complex as solving a mathematical puzzle. Codewars and several other comparable sites allow you to code directly in your browser, click a button to run tests against your solution, and receive immediate feedback as to whether or not your solution is correct. Once you have a working solution, you can view other people's solutions, exposing you to other people's code and showing you tricks and sometimes even idiomatic approaches to problems. Once you know one language, it isn't as hard to learn the next one. A great way to transition to a new language is to take advantage of Codewars' simpler tasks. This helps you quickly familiarize yourself with a language's basics.